No animals are harmed during the makings of Lunets!

Lunets creates cruelty-free and vegan accessories that dare to be different.
Our mission is to avoid the ethical costs of luxury and to create without cruelty and over-consumption; Our ethos set's us apart from the rest and influences every aspect of Lunets.
Certified by PETA in 2019, the first collection was approved as Vegan and Cruelty Free which officially set the premise for the brand and company.  
Every product averts animal based ingredients and materials such as feathers, leather, suede or shell, even our faux-silk drawstring bags and dust boxes are 100% re-cycled polyester and paperboard. 
By choosing a Lunets accessory, you are joining our Luxe-Faux army.
So help us spread the word - Luxe can be unique, ethical and cruelty-free.




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