Personalised Vegan Clutch Bags Australia

We are so excited to announce that Lunets is Officially Open for business!
Pronounced like 'Loo-nay', Lunets means Lot's of little Moons and Stars.
Specialising in made to order luxe-faux clutches, our small but strong collection is ready to start spreading an important message in the fashion industry and also about the way in which we can genuinely own our own identity. 
 Prior to launching, Lunets was certified by PETA as a cruelty-free and vegan brand, this essentially means that all processes, pieces, products and packaging avert animal products such as leather, suede, feathers, silk, fur, bone and shell.
We believe that right now is the time to start making a difference, not tomorrow.
By simply choosing Faux, we can shape a bettered fashion industry and attitude towards animals. Most recently we we thrilled to hear about Queen Elizabeth making a stand against wearing real fur. 
In the spirit of our values, Lunets officially coined the term 'Luxe-Faux'. 
Our ethical ethos has shaped Lunets from day one and will always continue to do so throughout our future developments. 
In terms of producing your Luxe-Faux Clutch, our team of perfectionists work meticulously throughout each stage of producing your piece, and it's a bespoke process like no other accessory business in Australia to present. 
It starts with your handmade clutch, a bespoke hand-cut interior mirror is fitted and the personalisation lettering is cut specifically for your tailor-made order; finally bonded by hand to produce the finished piece.
An enormous amount of admiration, attention and precision is required to produce the quality of your customised clutch bag, and it's a one-off.
To start your Personalised Luxe-Faux Clutch it's as easy as selecting a clutch online and previewing personalise it, which allows you to type in your personalisation live before even purchasing. 
Because of the nature of our bespoke service , we do ask for 1-3 business days for personalisation and dispatching, good things are simply worth waiting for!  
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Remember to be original and own your newest and most unique Luxe-Faux Clutch.
Olivia - Founder


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